About Subscribtions

The new setup

2020 has taught us a lot about where the stability is surrounding True Bogger and its sister companies. During the start of the pandemic we learned how tough it is getting print items at times and decided to change gears a little. We want to set subscription up to bring the most we can to our subscribers in the most reliable way we can.

Right now that means transitioning our subscription platform to a T-Shirt of the month instead of a magazine a month. We still intend to push out a magazine each month when possible. COVID has shut down most events for 2020 but we have a decent backlog of events from 2019 we will be printing to keep the mags rolling.

Subscription pricing

The new subscription setup will be $15.99/mo across the board. One price for all. This will be 1 custom shirt each month, with a bonus magazine added when available all inclusive for $15.99/mo.

Current Subscriptions

When the new subscription goes active all active subscriptions will be changed to $15.99. We will be adding a note to our next magazine to inform everyone of the price change. For the Basic subscribers that do not approve the cost increase they can stay with a magazine only subscription.


GearheadMerch (owned by True Bogger) is now handling all apparel and subscription processing for True Bogger.