Finally we have a mobile solution to get you a link to everything True Bogger!

The app has a long road to perfection but it starts with a simple approach to get you as much True Bogger content that we can while we learn how to build an app and continue our search for the best place to host it as well.

Definitely download the app, thumb through it and let us know what you think. We want to tailor the app to what you all want to see so please send us any comments you have so we can bring you the best app possible!

The True Bogger app needs very minimal permissions and send very few notifications, maybe one per month when the new mag is out. No ads, no BS.



The most feature rich of the platforms, Android offers an easy to use app with few limitations. Check out the link below to see and download the android version.

Google Play Link



We finally got apple live and the app is fully functional, notifications do not work well but if you like us on facebook you will see all our updates through there

App Store Link